About Mike Jensen:

Enterpreneur, Real Estate Investor and Home Builder.

Raised by a good family in Vernal, UT. I graduated Uintah High School in 1993. Attended 4 yrs of college at Salt Lake Community College, Utah State and Idaho State University.

Managed my own rental properties since 2002.

New Home Builder (own General Contractor) since 2008.

Licensed Real Estate Agent since 2006 (currently inactive).

I have owned other successful businesses in the past. Including creating and managing a very successful orthopedic medical device, sales and rental corporation for 15 years.

Also have experience in internet marketing and other online businesses.

Also experienced in doing some home contruction jobs of my own: complete electrical install, doors and window install, indoor trim, stair rails, siding, trenching and water/power line install, septic tank and leech field installs, excavation, landscaping, sprinkler systems, hydroseeding, backup portable solar systems.

Now I am sharing my real estate and building knowledge and experience to help others in my local community

What if I could save you tens of thousands, and possibly even hundreds of thousands, on building a new home? Are you a real estate investor? Looking to purchase rental properties? Why buy an older property, with more maintenance, when you could build a new property for about the same cost as an older one? Nicer newer property = higher rents.

With over 21 years of real world experience in real estate investing, and 15 years in home building, I have a lot to offer clients in the Idaho Falls, Idaho and nearby areas. Hire me as your project manager (independent contractor under you), and I will take care of the entire home building project for you. You will be your own General Contractor with your name on the permits, and will save tons of money over hiring another builder to do it for you (usually they are busy building many homes at once, which usually takes much longer to complete).